Microblading healing process

The microblading healing process lasts 30 days. During this time, your skin will go through 4 healing stages. Discover the eyebrow micropigmentation healing and color process.


Daniela Durán

11/9/20231 min read

Did you recently have eyebrow micropigmentation done and you still don't see the result you expect? Don't worry, the process you are experiencing is completely normal. In this article, I will explain everything about the microblading healing process.

After having your microblading done, your skin will go through 4 stages while it heals correctly, don't be afraid in the first days, everything that happens is normal, and with patience and the correct aftercare your eyebrows will look beautiful:

What does microblading look like after it's finished?:

Immediately after your micropigmentation is finished, your eyebrows will look dark and defined. This happens because the pigment is still on the surface of your skin.

How should microblading look after 1 week?:

A week later, your skin will generate a scab, this is normal since for your micropigmentation small openings were made in your skin to implant the pigment. It is normal for you to feel itchy during this time.

When does the scab fall off after micropigmentation?:

Approximately 15 days after having your microblading, the scab will fall off. At this time the color will decrease by 40% and you will see spots where the pigment is not visible. This happens because a new layer of skin has been created on the surface and the pigment is underneath it.

What does eyebrow micropigmentation look like after one month?:

After 30 days of your microblading, the pigment will have set and migrated to the surface of your skin. This will be the final color of your completely healed eyebrows. If you want to improve the color or design you can do a touch-up.

It is normal for you to worry about not seeing the microblading results immediately. I hope this article helps you clear up your doubts and better understand the healing and color process in microblading.

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Microblading healing stages
Microblading healing stages